World Swift Day 2022

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Celebrate what you love! I love swifts. World swift day is a good day to share my love with other people. I organised an activity in the Vejer library making paper swifts with children. This was followed by an urban bird walk, we actually didn’t see many swifts but we did see a lot of kestrels, some from the nest boxes Ecoágora installed in different locations in Vejer.

Join with others and observe. Appreciate the biodiversity that exists in your town. Vejer is priveledged, the geographical location for the passing of migratory birds and proximity to the sea; there is so much to see when we look up at the rooftops, up to the sky or look down, look closely, but most importantly just LOOK!

Avenida Andalucia

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In July 2021 one of my worst fears came true.

There is a beautiful colony of swifts in Vejer that I have watched and documented for years. They return each year to breed in an abandoned building on Avenida Andalucia. It is a thing of astounding beauty, hundreds of swifts fly together at dusk and dawn, it is incredibly moving to stand still as they screech past lightening fast.

I had always had an anxiety that the building would be developed at some point. This is why I documented it in photos and videos each year. This is what happened in July, one day as I was passing I saw that building works had begun, right in middle of the breeding season when the swifts were nesting. A strange thing happened to me, like a cross between a panic attack and deep calm strength of conviction. I breathed and vowed to turn my anxiety into action, to do everything I could for the swifts.

The first thing I did was to call Seprona (the environmental police), I knew it was illegal for building works to happen when swifts are nesting as they are a protected species. The builders were told the work would have to stop until the swifts had migrated. This was a short relief but the start of a whole project to try and make sure measures were introduced to ensure the continuance of the colony. What I learned is that whilst it is illegal to carry out the works whilst the birds are present, there is no legal obligation to provide an alternative.

I resolved to do all I could to do create something positive faced with what seemed like a bleak outcome for the swifts.

It was the start of a journey in which I found I a support network, a whole community of people working to help swifts. To feel small and reach out and find you have people willing to help you is a very special thing. I am grateful to so many people and organisations who helped me on this path. Fernando Gómez Tineo my colleague from the Assocation Ecoágora is very special person who has always guided me with great patience. Edward Myer and Swift Conservation UK were also a great help, a great resource and Edward put me in touch with a lot of other swift people. Dick Newell from Action for Swifts another UK organisation, was also very helpful in providing information on specially designed swift bricks.

Locally, I also had the support of the Sociedad Gatitana de Historia Natural, I was taking part in their swift project, adopting grounded swifts when this happened with the colony in Vejer. The problem facing swifts was glaringly obvious, what is the use of caring for a grounded swift (or 10 in my case) if a colony of 100´s can be <legally> destroyed? I am especially grateful to Iñigo Sanchez and Alvaro Pérez Gómez of the SGNH.

I am also grateful to Beatriz Sanchez, head of biodiversity for the SEO (Sociedad Española de Ornitologia) who got in touch with me and supported me throughout the process of attempting to offer solutions.

My source of inspiration and guidance came from the Colegio Esclavas in Jerez, they have an amazing educational conservation project in which the children learn about swifts by observing them and carrying out census of the swifts that nest in their school each year. Ignacio Quevedo and Jose Nietos, teachers from this school offered me guidance and support but more than anything INSPIRATION that it is possible to do something positive, this was the greatest guide during difficult circumstances.

I also have to openly thank Joaquin Nuñez, the developer of the building, who listened to me. We exchanged a sensible and educated dialog and Joaquin made his own commitment to the protecting the natural world by investing in artificial nest boxes. It is because of Joaquin that 20 artificial nest boxes were made and I was able to start an educational project in Colegio Los Molinos and IES La Janda in Vejer.


Swift Speaking

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Talking about swifts to a group of children in the Granja Escuela Buenavista with other members of the “Proyecto Vencejo” of the SGHN (Sociedad Gaditana de Historia Natural). We made simple paper swifts and my friends 8 year old daughter talked to the other children of her experiences caring for swifts.

Martha and the Swift

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Sometimes when you fall in love you want to tell everyone about it. Sometimes with love there is also a need to be careful, to tenderly nuture. When I fell in love with swifts I wanted to SHOUT all about it. These birds are increible, amazing and I have said so often otherwordly. Their realm is the air and they really are like creatures from another realm. I felt this when I cared for them.

Swifts are special. I felt it in my first close encounter with them and I knew it when I learned about them. It becomes the kind of information you just have to pass on. So with colleagues from my association dedicated to environmental education Ecoágora, we made a book for children, all about swifts. We made this as a freely downloadable PDF. You can read it here IN ENGLISH or EN ESPAÑOL.