Gorgonian is a type of sessile like soft coral, found in the shallows of Atlantic shores. There is a certain beach near where I live, Trafalgar, in Canos de Meca, where it washes up in mass. It is a beach favoured by kite surfers as it feels the full force of the strong Levante wind and I imagine this is why there is such quantity of it washed up. There is also a lot of rubbish washed up. I started collecting a bag full of rubbish and a bag full of the coral.

This was conceived of as an action performed as installation. I placed the pieces of coral in a circle around myself eventually isolating myself in the middle. To observe the coral out of context, they are like tiny trees uprooted. Coral bleaching indicates the failing health of the oceans and the fragility and interconnectedness of all ecosystems. I am human, huge compared to the tiny coral pieces, but to place myself within the coral I become fragile, an island, cut off.

How as an artist do I interact with the things I find? How do humans interact with other elements of nature?