Curiosity and romantic notions impelled me to a weekend course of animal tracking. I became aware of a whole new way of looking at things; investigating, shifting perspective and thinking wide. A blade of grass blown by the wind over time will leave an imprint, that we will speculate is lizard or frog.

We went to a very humanised place, a parking lot full of rubbish, take away bags and cans strewn all over. A small body of water marks the end of a natural corridor. But this particular place seems so touched by and abused by humans that it is devoid of animal life. But not so, as we look with more open eyes we see tracks of wild boar, genet, fox, deer, badger, tortoise, rat, mongoose. I am amazed to have size of a deer drawn in the mud from the tracks it has left.

In gratitude to Dr. Javier Vázquez Rodríguez for helping me see a different world.